Zhucheng Shangpin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Zhucheng shangpin machinery science and technology Co., Ltd. Is a modern food machinery manufacturer integrating research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. The main production of Fried equipment, washing and blanching equipment, pasteurization line and drying machine and other food processing equipment. Pioneering and innovative, endless is shangpin′s goal, for many years always adhere to the "I have, I have first" business philosophy, closely follow the world′s advanced technology and advanced technology frontier, timely introduction of advanced technology and components, to improve the quality of our products. With the development of the society and the improvement of people′s living standard, people have more strict requirements on food quality and hygiene. The requirements on Fried food are also placed in front of food manufacturers. In response to the market demand, we have researched and developed a series of frying equipment to adapt to different customers.

Among them, the series of products such as high efficiency coal fired frying machine, high efficiency gas frying machine, heat conduction oil heating frying machine and electric heating network type frying machine have been affirmed by users. Frying equipment is mainly used for nuts, leisure, canned food, meat, conditioning, vegetables, pasta, aquatic products and other products; Cleaning, blanching equipment is widely used in sweet potato, potato, radish, ginger, corn, packaging cleaning, blanching and cooking. Pasteurization is mainly used for curing vegetables, low-temperature meat products, yogurt, jelly and other food and beverage pasteurization; The main wind line is mainly used for bag products, food, beverage and other dry work.

The company relies on the advanced production equipment and humanized scientific management, starts from the detail, takes "the good faith first, the quality is supreme" as the development direction, practices has the forward-looking brand idea, the product technology unceasingly consummates, the brand influence expands gradually. We have a team with integrity and pragmatism as the principle, customer satisfaction as the purpose, brand culture marketing as the direction, dedication and innovation as the cohesion of the team, with excellent quality, advanced business philosophy to win the market, to meet the growing needs of customers, create the maximum value of the enterprise, to achieve win-win cooperation between customers and enterprises.